Be supported

For all of your needs, an expert will advise and support you to...

Create, develop, buy or transfer a business

At every stage of your company's life, you'll find the support you need. What kind of business are you in?


Create and develop an innovation or an innovative company

Bringing an innovative project to fruition requires advanced skills: you will find them in the Lorient Bretagne Sud region


Fund my project

Experts can help you identify financial help and take you through your administrative procedures at every step of your project and your business thanks to...


Find solutions to my problems

Difficulties are part of a company's life: do not hesitate to contact experts who can support you with...


Reduce the environmental impact of my activity

Discover the services of Lorient Bretagne Sud to help your sustainable development efforts to...


Discover Pays de Lorient

Do you want to set up in the region? Lorient Bretagne Sud welcomes you with dedicated services

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